Why Paleo?

  • Paleo is a way of eating that aims to mimic the eating habits of people in the Paleolithic era. The belief is that humans genetically adapted to be able to eat and digest those foods which were available to them then, before the agricultural era brought with it grains and dairy. Since our digestive systems have changed little over time, it is thought that we are still better able to digest the foods that were available in the Paleolithic era.
  • Limiting grains, dairy, and sugar is consistent with current dietary advice.
  • Eating mainly lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit helps our bodies feel full faster, reducing the risk of overeating.
  • It tastes really good! Following the guidelines of this diet challenges me to get creative with recipes and use many different herbs and spices. Whole, unprocessed foods not only taste better, but they are better for your overall health and wellbeing.


What are your rates?

  • I charge $35/hr for my time plus the cost of food. Preparing meals for a week’s worth of food takes between 6 and 8 hours depending on how many people I am cooking for. This includes grocery shopping, planning and prep, and cleanup.
  • The food cost for each meal is just the cost of groceries. The average cost of one serving is $10. If you want meat for every meal, the cost would go up slightly.


Do you have any special promotions?

  • Yes! I have special rates for teachers and for first time clients. Contact me for more information.


My friends and I like the same food. Can we split your fee if you are making the same meals for us?

  • If you and your co-workers would like a healthy, home cooked lunch I can prepare a meal for 4 for $50 per person for the week plus the split fee of $70. That comes out to $24 for each lunch.


Can you accommodate special requests or food allergies?

  • Don’t like cilantro or mushrooms? No worries, I can leave out any ingredients you don’t enjoy. Have a sweet tooth? I can also make sure to prepare paleo muffins or biscotti.


Where do you prepare the food?

  • I can cook in my kitchen and deliver home cooked meals to your home or place of work, or I can cook in your kitchen. I have a kosher kitchen so if I cook in my kitchen I use kosher organic meat which is a little more expensive than regular organic meat.


Is there any food that you will not prepare?

  • I don’t cook pork and except on very rare occasions I do not cook with any ingredients that are not considered paleo (dairy, gluten/grains, refined sugar, soy, legumes).


Will you make special treats for parties?

  • Are you looking for a sweet treat that you can feel good about feeding to your children? I can make muffins, cupcakes, cookies, biscotti, and even ice cream tailored to your tastes for birthday parties and special events (or even for a weeknight treat). Individual treats start at $3.


What do you use instead of gluten and sugar?

  • I use almonds and honey (hence the name) to varying degrees and in all varieties. Almond flour (ground up almonds) is a great substitution for bread crumbs and works well in baked items like muffins and cupcakes. Honey works well as a sweetener in both sweet and savory dishes. I also use Kite Hill brand almond milk products such as yogurt and ricotta cheese.


Are your meals organic?

  • Almost 100%. I always use organic meat. I try to only use organic produce. If an organic ingredient is not available I will substitute it with traditional produce or I will alter the meal to the organic produce that is available.


How are you different from meal delivery services?

  • Most meal delivery services only send you the ingredients and you still have to cook and clean. Some services send frozen meals which you have to defrost in order to reheat. Others send fresh meals but they do not have a paleo option and cannot be tailored to your specific tastes and needs. Hiring me is like having a live in chef ready to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, cater a party, or bake you paleo cookies with a scoop of fresh ice cream on the side. You just tell me what you are craving and I will make it happen!


Why should I hire you when I can just open a box of mac and cheese and my kids are happy?

  • Mac and cheese and other processed and prepared foods are less expensive, but if you are committed to helping your family and yourself maintain a healthy style, it is worth the extra money. One of my favorite things about cooking paleo food for people is seeing children ask for seconds of vegetable packed meals rich with vital nutrients. I like knowing I am contributing to the health of my clients and their families.
  • Being a former teacher, I have seen how children who eat lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts are better able to concentrate, have more energy and stamina, and are generally in a better mood when compared to their friends who eat sugar filled cereals for breakfast and lunches filled with chips, crackers, cookies, and candy.